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About Us

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Flashpacker started waaaay back when the word "flashpacking" was just a concept. The blog kept our friends and family informed of where we were in the world and was very basic (serious coding skills needed!)

Then it went on the back burner as kids and schools and jobs meant that we had to stick around in one place. We did, however, take every opportunity to haul the kids into any kind of transport necessary to go see the world through different eyes. 

Our travel passion (some may call it addiction) has never been far from our thoughts, and hence flashpacker the store was born. 

Our aim is to source stylish, quality, sometimes practical and sometimes just gorgeous products from all over the globe, at reasonable prices, so that you can have more money in your pocket to go explore in whatever style you choose.

Flashpacking isn't about splashing the cash, but more about choosing wisely, whether that's a beach hut built on squeaky sand or a Five Star hotel.

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So we invite you to join us, browse, and if something catches your eye, take it home, pack it for a trip, or give it as a gift (self-love is pretty cool too!)

We always love to hear our customers' traveling stories so do drop us a line or send us some pics!

Happy travels

Iso and the flashpacker team x